Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cards for a Craft Show

I was invited to participate in a craft show down in Venice this summer so I created some blank Florida themed cards (seeming as I was going to be selling to an older crowd I figured I'd have the most luck with them). I made 8 different cards, scanned them in, and then had Sir Speedy print out 10 of each. My boyfriend came up with a cute bumble bee logo I put on the back of the card.

My booth was in between the booth with the hot-glued shell collages and the plywood dog cutouts. Needless to say, my biggest buyers were my grandmother and my mom's coworker. I guess it could be expected seeming as it's not season yet, but I think I'm allowed to be a bit disappointed.

Anyways, I did 4 flower themed and 4 ocean themed. Here they are :)

 Water Lilly

 Orange Blossoms


An Orchid




Sea Horse (for my Mom)

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