Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Lovin'

I recently purchased a new (well... technically it's old) Olympus point and shoot. I found it in a bucket of other interesting film cameras at a thrift store on the East coast of Florida, in a thrift store called World Thrift. The flash always goes off, which creates a lot of eery portraits, but I love it. 

I'm enjoying my summer vacation so far, but haven't been drawing as much as I should be. I'm also in the middle of a mixed media class so I'll be posting work from that soon as well.

 Zackary and the Royal Poinciana Tree

Zackary 1


(At Left: Big Meaty Toads)


(At Left: Zackary and the Big Tree)
 Zackary and Socks

Mom & Dad on their Anniversary



Zackary 2

Zackary 3