Thursday, September 19, 2013

Colombia II

After 4 months I finally got the rest of my film developed. (In my defense, three and a half of those months I was completely broke and couldn't afford it.) It was so nice to see these familiar faces when I started looking at the photos, I can't believe how much time has passed and how much things have changed.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bogota, Colombia

Recently I went on a two week trip to Bogota, Colombia. What I experienced completely changed my perspective on life and the person who I want to be. I traveled there with my boyfriend and his parents and we stayed with his grandmother in her apartment in the city.

These are some of the photos from my trip.

My boyfriend (or "novio") Jairo with his mom.

 Jairo's little cousin ("prima") Pamella.

The view from his grandmother's ("abuela", or we called her "abuelita" which means 'little grandma') apartment. Many people live in apartment buildings like these because they have more security.

Lunch: Chicken ("pollo") and steak ("carne") with french fries ("pappas fritas"). 

Jairo's other little prima Isabella with a flower ("flores") she picked for me.

A monument outside of Bogota. 

Mountains ("montes") in the countryside. 

Jairo in front of a monument. 

A photo Jairo took of me. 


They let their trees grow. 

The strange building to the right is one of their newest malls. It has the only GAP, so people seem to flock to it. I had to wait in a line just to get into a Forever 21. It was very bizarre...  

Downtown Bogota. 

A monument outside Bogota. 

Jairo stopped to draw the monument on the steps in the center. 

 Colombia has the perfect climate for growing roses. In fact, US imports a lot of their flowers from Colombia.

One of the many stray dogs along the road.