Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hot Summer Nights

This summer I've noticed how patriotic people become during these months as compared to any other time of the year.
It's so humid some days it really feels like you're entering a sauna as soon as you open the front door, and the heat lightning turns the clouds a dark shade of red as it strikes after sunset.
Each day my only goal is to enjoy life.

These photos were all taken on an Olympus Infinity "point and shoot".

Cows in Lakeland

Ms. Sue's

 American Flag

The G

Downtown Sarasota




Cows in Lakeland 2

Memorial Day Parade

 Summer Heat

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Beautiful People at a Wedding, Part 2

There are a few reasons why I love my Minolta so much, the primary reason being that it really brings out the beauty within a subject. Some people call it lighting, I call it magic. 

It might also be the fresh mountain air.

Uncle Mark 


Mom & Dad

 Noah and a poodle


Noah and Liam 


 Zackary, Liam & Noah

 Aunt Cindy



Mimi & Pop-Pop

Beautiful setting for a wedding, part 1

Summer has never felt so good. 

I suppose we should start in the mountains, where I fell in love with those winding back roads, and the air was so fresh I could smell the dirt and the leaves. I was so happy to be there to see my Uncle's wedding (he married the most wonderful woman in the world, by the way) and this was the perfect backdrop for it.