Monday, April 29, 2013

3D Final

This is a series of GIFs I did for my 3D final.

I had originally created a video about 4 minutes in length but soon realized that I was more interested in the some of the beautiful moments in the video that only lasted 2-3 seconds. Also, because there wasn't really a beginning or an end, I found it difficult editing the scenes in a chronological order. I ended up making a series of GIFs, which are like 3 second videos that loop continuously. The way I saw them being displayed would be in a dark gallery, no lights, projected onto hanging pieces of white sheer sheets (about 5 ft by 3 ft) placed randomly in the space so that the viewer could walk through them and see them in whichever order they wanted. I sewed the dress, shot the video on my friend Carlos Enciso's digital camera, and edited it in iMovie (lame, I know) and Photoshop.

If they seem a little glitchy, just give them a second to load and they should run smoothly. Hope you enjoy!

Model: Camille Petricola <3